Hatch, UT (May 8, 2023) – One person was left injured following an explosion that took place on Saturday evening in Hatch. The incident was reported at approximately 5:00 p.m. on May 6.

According to officials, a propane explosion occurred at the Outlaw Saloon and Steakhouse, which is located on North Main Street.

The incident caused damage to the structure, prompting authorities to shut down the location.

One employee suffered injuries as a result of the incident. The victim was transported to an area hospital for emergency care.

At this time, the incident is being investigated.

We hope the injured worker is able to recover quickly. Our thoughts are with them at this time.

Explosions in the United States

Explosions in the United States take the lives of hundreds of people annually. Thousands more are left with injuries that affect their lives forever. The unfortunate truth is that we see countless people left with crushing injuries, severe burns, and even deep lacerations as a result of explosions.

There are many instances where explosions are a result of negligent and reckless actions. Some of the leading factors in explosions that we see include:

  • Improper storage: The improper handling of propane tanks, whether maintaining them or installing them, can have severe consequences. It is crucial that these tanks are stored correctly in handled correctly at all times.
  • Equipment failures: Faulty and malfunctioning propane equipment, such as connectors or valves, can result in pressure building up inside the tank. This can result in a severe explosion.
  • Damaged tanks: Damage to the exterior of a propane tank can significantly weaken the integrity of the system. When there is physical damage done to a propane tank or its lines, it can result in disastrous consequences. 
  • Fire and/or heat exposures: when a propane tank line is exposed to high temperatures, it can result in the content expanding rapidly. This could lead to a devastating explosion.
  • Propane leaks: Leaking propane can accumulate and cause an incredibly dangerous atmosphere instantly. When this atmosphere is exposed to open flames, electrical equipment, or even sparks, and can have disastrous consequences.

Human errors play a significant role in many of the explosions that we see take place. If you have been injured as a result of an explosion due to the negligent or reckless actions of another, you may have legal options available. You should reach out to a national explosion lawyer as soon as possible.

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