High Springs, FL (May 6, 2023) – Four employees were left injured following an explosion that took place at an Alachua County business on Thursday, May 4.

Official reports provided by authorities show that a major explosion occurred at the Air Liquide Advanced Materials building located at 7526 High Springs Main Street. The explosion caused a fire to erupt inside the structure.

Firefighters rushed to the scene and went to work quickly on extinguishing the blaze.

One of the employees suffered severe injuries as a result of the incident. The victim had to be airlifted by ShandsCair medical helicopter. The victim was flown to an area medical Center for emergency treatment. Three additional victims suffered injuries as a result of the explosion. The victims were all transported by ambulance to area hospitals for emergency treatment.

Emergency crews closed down the roadway between Northwest 174th Street and Northwest 182nd Avenue for approximately eight hours as they initiated an investigation into the incident.

The Florida State Fire Marshal’s Office is currently conducting an investigation into the explosion to determine its cause.

We hope all four of the people who were injured as a result of this explosion recover quickly.

Explosions in the United States

Being involved in an explosion can change your life forever. Unfortunately, hundreds of people are left with serious injuries as a result of these incidents in the United States each year. There are many instances where explosions are a result of pure negligence. When people do not properly store chemicals, engage in reckless practices, or are not trained properly to handle machines and equipment, it can lead to disaster.

Unfortunately, countless innocent people are forced to deal with the overwhelming consequences of explosions in our country every year. If you have been affected as a result of an explosion, you may have legal options available. You should reach out to a national explosion attorney as soon as possible. After suffering life-altering injuries, you have the ability to file a claim for compensation. A personal injury lawsuit can provide you with money for medical costs, property damage, lost wages, and more. It is important that you seek legal guidance immediately to provide yourself with the strongest evidence against the defendant.

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