Explosion accidents can take place in many different settings but happen with some regularity in the United States. Although the specific type of explosion often varies, they typically happen in an occupational or residential setting.

Workplace explosions tend to occur in particular industries, including coal mining, oil refineries, industrial plants, and construction. These areas experience a greater number of explosions due to the presence of combustible gases in enclosed areas such as underground caves and pipelines. In the construction industry, blasting and demolition injuries can occur on the job site.

Regardless of where the explosion accident takes place, it frequently will cause serious injuries to victims, such as scarring, chemical burns, internal organ damage, vision loss, and brain trauma. These injuries can drastically affect your life and can leave you suffering from serious physical pain and loss of ability to perform many of your normal activities.

Following an explosion accident, you could have legal rights. Holding the appropriate party responsible for their actions is a complicated process that involves investigating the explosion and deciding which party or parties acted in a negligent manner. The fact is, however, that most explosions could have been prevented through the use of ordinary care and caution.

In cases involving explosion or blast accidents, an insurance company is normally involved at an early stage of the process. There are certain important things that victims should understand about the role of the insurance company in handling their explosion accident claim.

What is the Goal of the Insurance Company?  Examining the Role of Insurance Companies in Explosion Claims

There are several entities that may potentially be liable for a blast accident, including:

  • Industrial plant owners
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • State and local governmental authorities
  • Design professionals such as engineers and architects
  • Contractors at a construction site
  • Employers

Most or all of these individuals or organizations will purchase liability insurance. As the name suggests, general liability insurance is designed to provide coverage when an injury claim arises. In explosion accidents, the coverage limits usually exceed one million dollars due to the serious nature of explosion accident claims.

When a victim is hurt in an explosion, they may assume that the insurance company will do the right thing. This includes paying a fair value for legitimate claims and negotiating the claim in a timely manner.

While we would all like the insurance company to behave this way, the fact is that most companies are not motivated by a desire to settle cases. Instead, they will usually do whatever is possible to avoid paying a settlement. This can include not offering an appropriate settlement or simply denying liability for the incident altogether.

When this occurs, it is always best to hire a national explosion accident attorney right away. At Burg Simpson, our lawyers know how to deal with the insurance company. We are not intimidated by the adjuster, and we are familiar with the tactics that companies typically use to reduce the value of claims.

Presenting Your Case to the Adjuster

The insurance company has a certain way of evaluating claims. Typically, the adjuster will attempt to determine your potential legal damages if the case were to go to court. This is essentially an exercise where the adjuster is evaluating the possible exposure of their client. This process will include an evaluation of several factors, such as:

  • Proof that the defendant was responsible for the explosion
  • The medical bills incurred by the victim
  • The nature of the injuries sustained
  • The number of victims involved

An insurance company may also consider other factors as well, including the reputation of the lawyer or law firm involved in the case. At Burg Simpson, the insurance company knows that our attorneys are not afraid to take a case to trial. If the adjuster believes that a lawyer or law firm will not just settle for any number that is offered, they are more willing to negotiate in good faith.

It is important to present your gas explosion claim in a compelling manner. We prepare a comprehensive settlement demand package that lays out our position on the case. Our package includes a statement of the facts of the case, the medical records documenting our client’s injuries, victim impact statements, potential expert reports, and more. We provide all of the available information in a concise but convincing way so that the insurance company knows that we mean business.

If you were hurt in an explosion accident, you should know that the insurance company is not always on your side. Having an attorney with experience presenting your case and negotiating with adjusters is a vital part of the equation when it comes to obtaining a fair settlement.

National Explosion Accident Attorneys

If you or a family member were injured in an explosion accident, chances are very high that you will soon be dealing with an insurance company. The ultimate success or failure of your building explosion claim could very well depend on your ability to negotiate with an insurance company. During this time, you need an attorney that you can trust to challenge the company and its adjuster to put a fair settlement offer on the table. If they refuse to do so, your attorney should be ready to file your case and proceed to court.

Here at Burg Simpson, our United States explosion accident lawyers have many years of experience handling explosion claims and dealing with insurance companies. We understand what needs to be done to present your case in an effective manner, and we know what the adjuster needs to see.

Our firm is standing by to assist you at any time. We always provide free consultations and case evaluations for all potential and prospective clients. When you are in need of a tough and aggressive law firm, you can count on us to deliver results. When we take your case, there is no financial obligation until we obtain a recovery on your behalf. To speak with one of our attorneys, please reach out to us using our online intake form or give us a call at (888) 895-2080.