White Lake, NC (May 25, 2023) – Two people were left injured as a result of an explosion that took place in the White Lake area on Monday afternoon, May 22.

Reports provided by the police indicate that an employee and a customer were attempting to fill a propane cylinder at a business propane filling station that was located at the Camp Clearwater Campground. For unknown reasons, the propane gas sprayed into the air. A large explosion followed.

The explosion caused injuries to a 58-year-old woman from White Lake, North Carolina, and a 49-year-old man from Riegelwood, North Carolina. The woman was transported to a local medical facility for the treatment of injuries by Cape Fear Valley Life Link Helicopter.

The man and his dog, which also suffered injuries in the explosion, were treated at the scene.

At this time, the incident is being investigated by the police.

We hope the victims injured as a result of this explosion recover quickly.

Explosions in the United States

White Lake, NC – Two Injured in Explosion at Camp Clearwater CampgroundsExplosions occurring across the United States have a profound and devastating impact on victims and their families. In many cases, the loss of property is overwhelming. Families find themselves stripped of their homes, belongings, and essentially their means of sustenance, forcing them to rebuild their lives from scratch. Unfortunately, the consequences extend beyond property loss, as numerous individuals suffer harm in these unforeseen incidents.

Regrettably, victims often endure life-threatening injuries caused by propane explosions. Although we may want to believe that explosions are infrequent, they occur far too often.

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