Delaware County, OK (May 29, 2023) – An explosion was reported in Delaware County on Saturday evening that left several people injured.

At around 8:00 p.m. on May 27, the Grand River Dam Authority responded to an explosion that occurred at the Check-In Bay area. The incident occurred at a boat house located in the back of the cove.

Reports show that a boat exploded in the area during the evening hours.

Five people, including a five-year-old, suffered injuries as a result of the explosion. All five victims were transported to a hospital in the Tulsa area for emergency care.

At this time, GRDA is investigating the incident.

We hope the victims injured as a result of this explosion recovered quickly.

Explosion Incidents in Oklahoma

Delaware County, OK – GRDA Called to Boat Explosion that Left Five Hurt near Check-In BayExplosions in the United States occur at an alarming rate, with hundreds of incidents reported each year. Unfortunately, these explosions often result in severe injuries that have long-lasting effects on the lives of those involved. These injuries can be categorized into four types: primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary.

Primary injuries stem directly from the impact of shock waves unleashed by the blast. Victims commonly suffer damage to their ears and lungs. Secondary injuries, on the other hand, are caused by shrapnel and debris being ejected by the explosion. These flying objects often lead to eye injuries involving bleeding and penetrating trauma. Tertiary injuries arise from the sudden displacement of air, causing victims to sustain blunt or penetrating wounds, including traumatic amputations and fractures. Quaternary injuries encompass a range of consequences, such as burns, respiratory issues, and crushing injuries resulting from the explosion.

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