Manhattan, NY (June 21, 2023) – An explosion took place early Tuesday morning in the Manhattan area that claimed the lives of four victims.

On June 20, the New York Fire Department was dispatched to the scene of an explosion incident on Madison Street.

Reports show that a battery for an e-bike was charging at the HQ E-Bike Repair shop when it exploded just after midnight. The explosion caused the building to catch on fire, quickly spreading to the upper levels.

Four people inside the six-story building suffered fatal injuries as a result of the incident. They were pronounced deceased from their injuries.

At this time, the New York Fire Department is investigating the incident.

We offer our warmest sympathies to all of the families who have lost loved ones due to this incident.

Fatal Explosion Incidents in New York

Manhattan, NY – Battery Explosion on Madison St Takes Four LivesStatistics show that approximately 15 people have died so far in 2023 as a result of lithium battery explosions. Hundreds more have been seriously injured as a result of these incidents. Unfortunately, these incidents continue to take place every single year. Losing a loved one as a result of an explosion can be incredibly difficult to deal with. It is simply impossible to prepare for the impacts that a fatal explosion will have on your life.

After losing a loved one in a fatal explosion, your family may have legal options available to help you move forward. Seeking guidance from a skilled legal team as soon as possible can help you protect your legal rights.

When a fatal explosion occurs, determining liability becomes essential to ensure that justice is served and the responsible parties are held accountable. Liability can be attributed to various actors depending on their roles in causing or preventing the accident. For instance, if the incident occurred due to poor maintenance of equipment or negligence in following safety protocols, then it falls under the responsibility of those directly involved with operations and management. However, liability may also extend beyond these individuals if they were acting as agents for a company that had overall control over safety policies and guidelines but failed to enforce them properly.

It is vital to investigate all possible factors contributing to an explosive event carefully before assigning blame since multiple entities may share fault equally or partially. Your lawyer will be able to help you investigate the incident that claimed your loved one’s life and hold the responsible parties to account.

At Burg Simpson, our electrical explosion attorneys have a history of successfully representing victims and their families. We understand the unique physical, emotional, and financial burdens that come with suffering an industrial injury or loss of a loved one. Our team is committed to providing extensive resources for families while they attempt to rebuild their lives. If you are looking for justice, schedule a free case evaluation with us today at (888) 895-2080 and explore how we can help you as they take this first step in recovering from tragedy.