Lingle, WY (June 25, 2023) – Several people were left injured as a result of an explosion that took place in Goshen County.

On June 24, authorities confirmed that an explosion occurred on 8th Street in the Lingle area.

Preliminary investigations determined that a UTV exploded while traveling east on 8th Street in the area of Sherman Avenue.

A woman and two children were on the UTV at the time of the explosion. All three of the victims were able to exit before it burst into flames.

The three victims were treated for injuries as a result of the explosion. One of the juveniles was then provided transportation to a local hospital for further medical care.

At this time, the incident remains under investigation. However, authorities believe that fuel combustion caused the explosion to occur, and electrical factors could have contributed to the incident.

We hope victims injured as a result of this accident recover quickly.

Explosions in Wyoming

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