Explosions are among the most dangerous and traumatic events experienced by victims. An explosion often leads to serious life-threatening injuries and even death. Some of the possible negative outcomes include internal injuries, scars, head trauma, broken bones, internal injuries, and more.

Many explosion and blast accidents occur due to the negligence of at least one person. This normally means that the incident could have been avoided if proper safety precautions had been followed and the appropriate level of care was taken. Due to the seriousness of their injuries, victims will often pursue legal claims against the appropriate individuals and entities.

Here at Burg Simpson, our national explosion accident lawyers have spent years fighting for the rights of injured victims. Our firm handles multiple types of explosion accidents. You can count on our legal experience to protect you during this uncertain time. We will do what it takes to make sure that you are fully and fairly compensated.

Common Causes of Explosions  Common Injuries Sustained in Explosion Accidents

Explosions that lead to injuries have some commonly-occurring causes, including:

  • Faulty equipment and equipment malfunction
  • Human error
  • Violation of government regulations and safety codes
  • Improper or negligent inspection
  • Inadequate training
  • Improper storage or containment of hazardous materials

The causes of an explosion must be carefully investigated, but it can normally be traced to some type of negligence or human error. When victims are hurt, as a result, they will have a legal claim for compensation.

Common Injuries Suffered in Explosion Accidents

It should be expected that explosion accidents will lead to serious and catastrophic injuries. The sheer force and impact of a blast are likely to cause major damage. According to the CDC, there are four types of injuries sustained in explosions:

  • Primary: These injuries typically occur in the immediate aftermath of the explosion and are caused by waves from the blast. Most commonly, lung and other internal injuries will occur at this time.
  • Secondary: A secondary explosion injury happens due to flying debris and objects that are airborne due to the force of the explosion.
  • Tertiary: Tertiary injuries occur when individuals are thrown by wind and other forces from the initial explosion. These victims are hurt when they strike solid objects such as a wall or the ground.
  • Quaternary: A quaternary injury occurs secondarily to an explosion and may appear over time. These injuries include internal injuries due to chemical exposure and exposure to other harmful materials.

Some common blast-related injuries are:

  • Internal injuries, including lung burns and abdominal injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries or TBI
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Scars
  • Spinal cord and neck injuries
  • Burns
  • Lacerations

Due to the seriousness of these injuries, victims often have their lives turned upside down. The resulting effects will result in the need to take legal action and seek compensation.

Available Compensation for Injured Victims

Victims of explosion accidents will normally seek compensation for their injuries. There are several types of compensation available. Victims may suffer injuries that result in their inability to work and enjoy their lives. Pain and suffering damages are meant to compensate explosion accident victims for physical pain and loss of enjoyment of activities. Victims who seek medical treatment are entitled to have their expenses for medical care and prescriptions reimbursed. When lost wages occur, victims can also be compensated for their missed time at work.

The financial picture for an explosion accident victim is often not positive. With a long road to recovery and the possible inability to work, the future may seem bleak. However, with a skilled and experienced explosion accident attorney, victims can receive the appropriate amount of compensation to make them whole following the blast.

Where Do Injury Accidents Occur?

Explosions involving injuries occur in many of the same environments. Most explosions occur at a job site, including a manufacturing plant, industrial facility, construction site, or an oil rig. Although each explosion has its own unique cause, they most often occur due to the negligence of one or more individuals who failed to properly follow safety procedures along the way. Some people who may be held accountable for an explosion injury are:

  • Employees
  • State and local municipalities and government agencies
  • Building architects and engineers
  • Building inspectors
  • Manufacturing and industrial plant owners
  • Oil companies
  • Product manufacturers
  • Product sellers

The list of potential defendants in an explosion accident case is very diverse. Engaging in litigation requires a skilled and tested national explosion accident attorney. Your attorney can help to identify all of the people who may be at fault and then work towards the goal of obtaining compensation for your injuries. With multiple possible defendants, your attorney will conduct a complete investigation into your claim in order to ensure that you are receiving the maximum compensation that you deserve. You should not have to be held responsible for someone else’s negligence.

Nationwide Explosion Accident Attorneys

Here at Burg Simpson, we have a team of nationwide explosion accident attorneys who can help when you or a loved one have been hurt due to an explosion accident. These cases are complex and may involve federal or state courts within your local jurisdiction. An attorney handling an explosion case must be familiar with all of the various laws and procedures that may apply and, ideally, should be able to use these to your benefit. We have successfully recovered more than 2 billion dollars for injured victims, and you can count on us to help you receive the compensation that you deserve.

Our firm strongly believes that all negligent actors should be held fully accountable for their actions. When you need an attorney that you can trust, you can count on us to deliver the best results. We always provide free consultations and case evaluations for all potential and prospective clients.

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