Old Saybrook, CT (June 30, 2023) – A fiery explosion was reported in the Fernwood Beach neighborhood on Wednesday evening that left one person injured.

The police and firefighters responded to the scene of the incident and located a home that was on fire in the 500 block of Maple Avenue.

Reports from witnesses indicate that an explosion occurred during the evening hours, prompting the request of emergency assistance. Authorities arrived at the scene and located a structure that was on fire, with the roof collapsed at the scene.

Firefighters began battling the blaze in order to take care of the situation. Authorities determined that a propane tank was involved in the incident but are unsure of the specific circumstances.

One person was injured as a result of the explosion. The victim was cared for at the scene and transported to a local hospital.

At this time, the incident is being investigated.

We hope the injured victim is able to recover quickly.

Propane Tank Explosions in Connecticut

Being hurt as a result of an explosion can significantly change your life. Many people who are involved in this type of accident are left with serious burn injuries, traumatic bone fractures, and other severe injuries that have an overwhelming and prolonged impact on their life.

There are many instances where propane tank explosions are the cause of these and other serious injuries that victims are left with. After this type of explosion, there are several parties who can be held liable. Determining the root cause of the accident and identifying the responsible parties can be a time-consuming process requiring thorough investigation. For this reason, it is crucial that you reach out to our propane explosion lawyers as soon as possible.

Your attorney will be able to determine who is responsible for the damages that you have suffered and take the appropriate legal action against them. Some of the most common parties identified in explosion cases involving propane tanks include:

  • Inspectors who failed to detect obvious flaws or hazards.
  • Manufacturers of faulty propane tanks or defective components.
  • Retailers selling defective tanks or parts.
  • Contractors responsible for inadequately installing propane gas appliances.
  • Individuals directly responsible for damaging the propane tank.
  • Propane suppliers or transporters involved in improper handling or distribution.
  • Individuals or property owners who neglected to take proper safety measures.

Working with a seasoned legal team can greatly improve your chances of building a strong case against the responsible party in seeking the maximum amount of compensation possible for the damages that you face.

Our fearless legal advocates at Burg Simpson have decades of experience fighting to protect the legal rights of victims who suffered injuries through no fault of their own. We are passionate about fighting for justice and compensation when it comes to explosion litigation, and we’re proud of the work that our attorneys do on behalf of our clients. When you choose Burg Simpson to represent you, you can trust that your case will be handled by fearless legal advocates who have experience in handling these cases. Our team is ready to assist with any questions or concerns prior to filing a claim. Contact our law firm today at (888) 895-2080, and let us get started on putting together your case.