Birch Run, MI (July 8, 2023) – The Michigan State Police confirmed that three teens were injured as a result of an explosion that occurred in the Birch Run area.

On July 7, news sources indicated that three teenage boys were injured as a result of an oil tank explosion that occurred in the 11000 block of Maple Road.

The boys were all provided medical treatment at the scene by responding officers. Medics then transported the victims to area hospitals, where they underwent emergency treatment.

The incident is currently being investigated.

We hope all three victims recover quickly following this incident.

Oil Tank Explosions in Michigan

Birch Run, MI – Teens Injured in Oil Storage Tank Explosion on Maple RdThere are an array of reasons why we continue to see oil tank explosions in Michigan. Quite often, these incidents are caused by a combination of factors. One key factor is the aging infrastructure of the oil tanks themselves. Over time, these tanks can corrode and deteriorate, making them susceptible to leaks and other vulnerabilities.

Another contributing factor is improper maintenance and inspection practices. If routine inspections are neglected or not performed thoroughly, potential issues may go unnoticed until it’s too late. Inadequate safety measures and protocols also play a role in increasing the risk of explosions.

Furthermore, human error cannot be discounted as a potential cause. Whether it’s negligence during operations or failure to follow proper procedures, even small mistakes can have catastrophic consequences when dealing with volatile substances like oil.

Regrettably, individuals who are directly exposed to these explosions may face long-term health problems such as respiratory issues, skin irritations, or even cancer due to exposure to hazardous substances released during the blasts.

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