Salt Lake City, UT (July 27, 2023) – Two people were left injured following an explosion that occurred early Tuesday morning in the Salt Lake City area.

At around 5:30 a.m. on July 25, the Salt Lake City Fire Department and area police responded to the scene of an incident on West Fortune Road.

Reports from authorities show that a chemical tank exploded during the early morning hours in the area of 1905 West Fortune Road. The incident prompted officials to shut down the roadway. The structure suffered damage as a result of the explosion.

Two people on the property at the time of the explosion were injured. The two victims were treated at the scene. One of the injured parties was transported to a local hospital for further care.

At this time, the police department is investigating the explosion.

We hope the two injured workers recover quickly following this incident.

Explosions in Utah

Explosions happen suddenly and without warning. Quite often, they result in significant damage to anything they come in contact with. When people are in the area, they can suffer serious injuries that affect their lives forever.

The unfortunate truth is that people who are involved in explosions are left with serious injuries to the head, body, and even their extremities. We see many people lose their legs and arms as a result of these incidents. In severe cases, victims can suffer internal organ injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and crushing injuries that all require extensive medical treatment.

Trying to overcome painful injuries after an explosion can be incredibly difficult. Not only are injured parties forced to deal with significant pain and suffering, but they often face towering financial consequences related to medical costs and lost wages. Following an explosion, victims often have legal options available that can help them secure financial compensation to alleviate the impact of some of the financial burdens and losses that they face.

Working with an industrial explosion lawyer can provide you with the best opportunity of seeking the maximum compensation possible for the losses that you face. Your attorney will be able to thoroughly investigate the explosion, identify any factors that contributed to it taking place, and take an aggressive approach while pursuing legal recourse against the responsible party. Your attorney will not only fight to help you get the money needed for medical costs, but they will also do everything possible to help you recover lost wages, property damage, and more.

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