Whitehall, MI (August 22, 2023) – A boat explosion was reported in Muskegon County on Sunday that left one man injured.

Just before 3:00 p.m. on August 20, the area police and White Lake Fire Authority responded to the scene of an incident that occurred near the Crosswinds Marine Service.

According to official reports, a man was using a 34-foot Baba sailboat near the White Lake Marina during the afternoon hours. For unknown reasons, the boat exploded with the man inside.

The impact of the explosion caused the boat to catch on fire.

The firefighters rushed to the scene and secured the area just off Lake Street.

The man was injured as a result of the explosion. He was transported by ambulance to Trinity Health Muskegon Hospital for emergency treatment. The man was later airlifted to a hospital in the Grand Rapids area for further treatment.

The incident is being investigated at this time. However, authorities believe that a propane leak led to the explosion occurring.

We hope the man is able to recover quickly following this explosion.

Explosions in Michigan

Whitehall, MI – Man Injured in Boat Explosion near Crosswinds Marine Service on Lake StBeing injured as a result of an explosion can impact your life forever. Unfortunately, there are countless instances where innocent people suffer serious injuries. In Michigan, injured parties have the ability to pursue legal claims against the responsible party. The amount of compensation they are able to recover will be based on comparative negligence laws in the state.

Based on this law, in cases where you share partial responsibility for the accident, your eligibility to pursue non-economic compensation is restricted if your level of responsibility exceeds 50%. However, you still have the ability to seek economic damages from the defendant proportionate to their degree of responsibility in the accident.

You must be able to demonstrate that the defendant was negligent and caused the accident to occur. This includes proving the following.

  • The defendant must have owed you a duty of care.
  • The defendant must have fallen short in fulfilling that duty in some manner.
  • It must be demonstrated that, had the defendant not breached the duty, your injury would not have occurred.
  • The cause of your injury must be attributed to the defendant’s failure, rather than any other factor.
  • You must have genuinely suffered harm and experienced some form of loss.

Working with a propane explosion lawyer can provide you with the best chance of maximizing the compensation you are able to recover.

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