Explosion accidents happen very suddenly and unexpectedly. These incidents take place with a great amount of force and can lead to serious injuries for victims. When you or a family member have been affected by an explosion, you may be entitled to recover for your damages. The legal rights that you have depend on the circumstances surrounding the explosion. While victims are generally entitled to obtain compensation for their injuries, the law surrounding these cases is complicated. Explosion accident litigation should only be handled by a skilled and experienced national explosion accident lawyer.

Following an explosion, victims may have certain questions regarding their rights. This includes questions about the amount and nature of the legal compensation that they can receive. The value of each case depends upon a number of specific factors and should always be evaluated by a nationwide explosion accident attorney. In this article, we will discuss the types of compensation that are available to explosion accident victims and when that compensation is available.

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Medical and Prescription Bills  Compensation Rights for Victims of Explosions

For victims of an explosion, it is most likely that they will suffer injuries requiring medical treatment. The extent of the medical treatment received is dependent upon the nature of the injuries sustained. In explosion accidents, it is common for victims to sustain head injuries, broken bones, internal trauma, disfigurement, and scarring. These injuries are serious and usually mean that the victim requires intensive medical treatment and care. In addition to a lengthy hospital stay, victims may have several follow-up medical appointments in order to address their ongoing care.

Explosion victims are entitled to recover damages for their medical care and prescriptions. This includes any and all medical care that is received and related to the explosion itself. In order to recover medical expenses, victims must normally provide proof of their medical records from treatment and a copy of their medical bills. These bills are then used to support a claim for damages.

Lost Wages

Due to the serious nature of most explosion accident injuries, victims often face a long road to recovery. Major injuries, such as those affecting the head, neck, or extremities can be incapacitating and can limit a victim’s physical ability. In turn, this can lead to an inability to work and earn a living.

When an explosion results in missed work, this time can be compensated. A victim who is out of work for several days following surgery or a medical procedure related to the explosion may be entitled to be reimbursed for their lost wages. A lost wages claim typically occurs in the context of a serious personal injury case. In order to claim lost wages, the victim must produce a statement from their employer showing the amount of their salary and their hourly or daily rate, if any. These numbers are then used to determine the exact amount of wages lost due to the crash.

Pain and Suffering

The injuries caused by an explosion can be long-lasting and even permanent. These injuries lead to a tremendous physical and mental struggle as victims work their way back to a normal life. The physical toll of the injuries can be grueling, with victims sometimes struggling just to make it through the day. Everyday activities may be affected by lingering pain associated with the injury.

Valuing the pain and suffering component of an injury claim can be difficult. There is no calculator or magic formula to apply. Instead, pain and suffering is based on many factors, including the strength of pain and how it affects the victim’s life. This includes the extent to which the victim was unable to enjoy normal daily activities in their lives due to the injury

Punitive Damages

In certain cases, there is another type of damages available. While lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering are all based on actual injuries suffered, punitive damages are different. A punitive damage claim is typically filed when a defendant has acted in an especially reckless or negligent manner. Punitive damages are not necessarily designed to compensate the injured victim. Instead, they are used as a means of punishing the defendant for egregious or outrageous behavior. For that reason, they are not available in every lawsuit.

A punitive damages claim is designed to punish only the most severe types of behavior. This includes intentional actions and reckless behavior. Not every explosion accident will give rise to a punitive damages claim. However, if it does, it is important to contact an experienced attorney for help as soon as possible.

Nationwide Explosion Accident Attorneys

When you or a loved one have been injured in an explosion accident, you should be fully aware of your legal rights. Seeking serious legal representation is the first step to ensuring that you are not left empty-handed. If you were hurt and someone else was at fault, you are entitled to recover all of your legal damages. You have the right to be made whole following an explosion.

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