Explosion accidents take place very suddenly and unexpectedly. These blasts often leave victims suffering from serious injuries, including broken bones, head trauma, internal injuries, and chemical burns. The injuries sustained in an explosion can linger for months or years after the incident itself. In the worst-case scenario, the injuries may even be permanent or fatal. Most explosions occur on job sites, including oil rigs, factories, and construction projects. When an explosion occurs, there will be an immediate investigation in order to determine the cause. The results of the investigation can then be used by victims seeking to take legal action in order to recover for their damages.

The most surprising thing about many explosions is that they were preventable before they occurred. There are a number of recurring and common causes that must be explored by investigators. As the victim of an explosion, you may have certain legal rights, including the right to be compensated for your injuries. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you could receive significant compensation.

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Common Causes of Explosions  Common Causes of Industrial Explosions

In this article, we will explore some of the most common reasons for the occurrence of explosions. As always, if you have questions about your legal rights, you could speak with a national explosion accident lawyer right away.

Human Error

By far, the most likely reason for an explosion is human error or negligence. An explosion is the end result of a chemical reaction where combustible natural gas escapes and comes into contact with a flammable material. However, at its most basic level, this process is set in motion by human actions and inactions. Lack of training or experience with handling explosive materials can lead to a catastrophic failure.

Failure to Follow Safety Regulations

It is common to have safety regulations in industries where explosives and explosive materials are used. These regulations may be federal or state laws that are designed to reduce or eliminate the risk of an explosion. These explosion safety standards may be intentionally or negligently violated, leading to an explosion. In this instance, victims are entitled to recover for their damages.

Improper or Negligent Maintenance

Some explosions occur due to faults in pipelines and other objects that carry flammable materials. These surfaces are made of metal and other materials and must be maintained in good working order. Often, the pipelines and other surfaces are not properly maintained and will break down over time. Without regular maintenance, explosive materials may escape and lead to an explosion.

Design Defects

An explosive product or device may be manufactured with a design defect or other flaw. In these cases, the product is defective directly from the manufacturer before it is put to use. Without proper warning, the product is put into use. When the defective product ultimately malfunctions and leads to an explosion, victims can look to the manufacturer for legal recourse.

Hazardous Materials

Certain industries and workplaces come into contact with hazardous materials and chemicals on a daily basis. These industries include the oil and gas industry, manufacturing, coal mining, and construction. Workers in these fields are exposed to a greater than average risk of being injured in an explosion involving hazardous combustible materials if the materials are not handled properly with the highest level of care.

Intentional Acts

A final cause of explosions can be intentional acts, including criminal acts such as terrorism and violent crime. An intentional explosion does not occur from carelessness or reckless behavior but rather from the deliberate act of one or more people who have a plan to injure or kill others. In cases where there is no other obvious cause for the blast, the possibility of intentional acts must be ruled out.

Investigating the Explosion

Determining how an explosion occurred is the first step on your journey to receiving compensation. Immediately after the explosion, a through investigation must be undertaken. This is normally a cooperative effort involving multiple agencies and professionals who have experience investigating the complex reasons behind an explosion.

Your lawyer will work closely with investigators to obtain their findings as to the cause of the blast. Your attorney may also want to hire their own expert witness to conduct a separate investigation. Once these investigations are complete, it is important to schedule a time to talk with an attorney about your legal rights. The results of these investigations can be used in court and other judicial proceedings as evidence to support your claims. The first step is reaching out to obtain legal help in order to protect your rights.

National Explosion Accident Attorneys

Hiring a national explosion accident lawyer is the first step to moving forward after a tragic incident. Explosion accident litigation is complex and requires an attorney with substantial experience investigating every aspect of these claims. There are many potential causes for an explosion. In some cases, it is necessary to look into the roles of all parties involved in the process. Having a law firm with the resources and skills to do this is vital to ensuring that your rights are protected.

At Burg Simpson, our United States explosion accident lawyers can help in the aftermath of a blast. We have handled explosion cases in many jurisdictions across the country. Whether your case is in state or federal court, we can assist you. Our firm knows and understands the importance of tenacious representation during this difficult period in your life.

Filing an explosion accident lawsuit comes with many rules and conditions. The time frame you have to file suit may be limited by the statute of limitations in your jurisdiction. In order to ensure that your rights are protected, your lawyer should have extensive knowledge of explosion accident law. When you need a tough and reliable law firm, you can contact us for assistance. To speak with one of our attorneys, please reach out to us using our online intake form or give us a call at (866) 695-1236.