An explosion is a serious and catastrophic event that can result in death or serious injuries for victims. According to various statistics, nearly 800 gas and chemical explosions are reported annually in the United States. These explosions typically occur in workplaces such as coal mines, industrial buildings, manufacturing facilities, and construction sites. Some common injuries that result from explosions include broken bones, internal bleeding, lung and abdominal injuries, and burns.

One fact about explosions is that they are almost always preventable. An explosion is normally the end result of a series of processes that were set in motion by numerous human errors. Whether the explosion stems from a pipeline leak or the release of a dangerous chemical, in most cases, it could have been stopped before it occurred. Preventing an explosion from occurring means taking certain safety steps that lessen the risks. Across various industries, there are things that can be done to prevent these tragic events. In this article, we will take a look at some steps that employers and business owners can take and safety protocols that should be followed.

If you or a family member have been affected by a gas, chemical, or other explosion, you should reach out to an experienced national explosion accident attorney as soon as possible.

Industries Prone to Explosions  Safety Protocols for Industries Prone to Explosions

Most people go to work each day with no worries that they might not return safely. The majority of jobs in America do not pose a direct threat to physical safety. However, some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others and carry certain risks. One of the risks of some jobs is the potential for a job site explosion. Industries that face the potential for an explosion are typically areas where dangerous and combustible materials are routinely handled by employees. Some industries that may be impacted by explosions are:

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas refining
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Product manufacturing

Employees in these industries should be acutely aware of the potential risks and should be prepared to take action to reduce the chances of an explosion before it occurs.

Training and Education

There are many reasons that an explosion may take place. One of the most common reasons is negligence on the part of one or more individuals. Due to the fact that most explosions occur in workplaces, employee negligence is a frequent cause. In order to combat and reduce the odds of employee negligence, employers should implement training and education programs for their employees.

An employee who routinely handles demolition at a construction site should be trained in the best practices and should have a safety plan and routine that allows them to safely conduct blasting activities. An employee who handles dangerous chemicals should be trained on how to ensure that these chemicals are handled properly with no potential for them to escape into the open air or come into contact with a combustible source.

When employees are properly trained and educated, they are far less likely to make the crucial mistakes that lead to life-altering explosions.

Proper Storage of Explosive Materials

Many explosions occur when an explosive chemical or product comes into contact with an ignition source. This normally happens due to a leak of hazardous materials or a release of such materials into the air. One way to prevent such a release or leak from occurring is to ensure that explosives and hazardous are properly stored and labeled. These materials should be kept separate from other products and stored in containers by themselves.

Keeping explosive materials separate from non-explosive and hazardous materials helps to ensure that the materials do not mix together and can prevent a tragedy from occurring before it happens.

Maintenance and Repair

Explosions commonly take place when oil and gas pipelines are compromised. A leak or hole in a pipeline can lead to the escape of hazardous and explosive materials. Many oil and gas pipelines are not properly maintained or inspected. As a result, a single gap or leak in a pipeline can cause catastrophic damage.

Pipeline owners should routinely inspect and repair any damages in order to prevent dangerous materials from escaping and thus resulting in an explosion.

Hire an Explosion Accident Lawyers

An explosion can lead to serious injuries and even death. These incidents are caused by a complex series of events that accumulate over time. Having a seasoned attorney by your side is essential in the aftermath of a blast. Your attorney can help to investigate your claim and determine the cause of the explosion. Through the use of experts, a case can be made that the blast could have been prevented if reasonable care was used and safety protocols were followed.

Before speaking with an insurance company or other third party about your claim, you should contact a skilled national explosion accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Nationwide Explosion Accident Attorneys

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