Getting injured in a building explosion is a very traumatic experience that has left you with physical and emotional damage. If you need legal representation, contact Burg Simpson. We can help you figure out the best path forward.

Building explosions often lead to severe injuries and death. Sadly, these events continue to happen and are usually caused by the negligent or careless actions of a person or company. Gas plays a major part in our day-to-day lives. Many of us use gas to heat our homes, cook, and grill outside. Natural gas runs through gas lines buried underneath our neighborhoods. Many businesses also use gas for various reasons. Building explosions on construction sites, refinery plants, and oil plants are also extremely common.

No matter where your gas explosion injury took place, you are urged to contact the national personal injury law firm of Burg Simpson for help right away. Our experienced and reputable building explosion lawyers will get to work right away conducting an investigation into your case so we can make sure you get every penny of financial compensation the law says you deserve.

How Can a Building Explosion Lawyer Help Me?

In the fallout after a building explosion, most injured people do not have the experience, knowledge, or resources needed to investigate their own case and file a suit against the negligent party. A building explosion lawyer will take the responsibility for dealing with every aspect of your personal injury case, including:

  • Investigating the explosion by collecting any and all evidence relative to the incident. This will include any pictures and video surveillance from the site, witness statements regarding the explosion, police reports, and more.
  • Tracking down safety information for any malfunctioning appliances or equipment that contributed to or caused the explosion.
  • Examining the company’s incident logs and safety records to see if there is any evidence of negligence.
  • Working with economic and medical professionals to accurately calculate your anticipated overall damages.
  • Negotiating with everyone involved in order to reach an equitable settlement that covers all of your losses relating to the building explosion.

How Do Building Explosions Happen?

A building explosion can take place anywhere: in someone’s home, at their job, at a business, and many other places as well. The one thing that building explosions have in common no matter where they happen is that no one is expecting them.

Residential Building Explosions

A lot of Americans, whether it is for heating their water, heating their home, or preparing a meal, use gas inside their home. Sadly, one of the leading causes of residential building explosions is natural gas leaks, often caused by faulty gas connectors or control valves, and leaking tanks. Residential explosions most often occur because of:

  • Tanks and other incendiary items have not been inspected for leaks
  • Gas tanks were not turned off after they were used
  • Food was left unattended while being prepared
  • Gas supplies were connected improperly
  • Liquified petroleum gas tanks, also known as propane tanks, were in too close of a proximity to candles, fire, matches, or lighters

Workplace Building Explosions

Besides residential explosions, building explosions often happen at worksites, especially construction sites. These explosions are usually the result of combustible chemicals or materials being in close proximity. Building explosions also happen at oil refinery plants. When a plant operator or owner fails to upgrade or update their equipment or enforce protocols designed to keep workers safe, an explosion is likely to take place.

Other Building Explosions

Other building explosions can occur for lots of different reasons, such as:

  • Excavating too close to pipelines
  • Gas leaks
  • Gas hookups installed improperly
  • Fracking explosions and gas drilling accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents involving tanker trucks
  • A buildup of gasses inside a mine

Injuries Caused By Building Explosions

Injuries caused by building explosions can happen in a number of ways.  They can either be the direct result of the blast itself, or caused by a secondary impact. Injuries caused by the initial blast of a building explosion include gastrointestinal injuries, pulmonary injuries, brain injuries, and middle ear injuries.

Blast victims could also be injured if they are thrown by the force of the explosion and/or struck by flying objects. In many instances, people receive blunt-force trauma injuries like broken bones and traumatic brain injuries due to being thrown or hit by debris. Flying objects could result in traumatic amputations as well as eye injuries, including the loss of an eye, blindness, lacerations, contusions, and penetrating injuries.

Those injured in building explosions may also sustain injuries that are not an immediate result of the explosion, but are caused by the subsequent structure collapse, discharge of toxic chemicals, or fire. These include brain and head injuries, burns, asthma, and other respiratory issues from dust, smoke, and toxic fumes, as well as crush injuries.

Emotional Injuries Caused by Building Explosions

In addition to the physical pain and agony they experience, those affected by building explosions commonly experience extreme emotional harm as well. Due to the fact that a lot of building explosion victims are left with amputations, burns, and other injuries that leave them permanently scarred, handicapped, or disfigured, they are also forced to cope with serious mental health problems associated with their ordeal and their injuries.

Even in instances where there is no permanent physical damage, those who experience trauma of this magnitude are often emotionally scarred for life.

Even a family member who becomes a caregiver to a building explosion victim can find themselves struggling to deal with the emotional and psychological aftermath of what happened to their relative as they carry the daily stresses of performing their duties. These are just some of the reasons that building explosion victims need to seek the help of an experienced building explosion attorney from the national law firm of Burg Simpson.

It is normal for someone whose life, home, family, or job has been affected by a building explosion to experience some form of psychological illness, which may include:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder:PTSD
    causes afflicted patients to experience nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety attacks, and an inability to stop fixating on the incident.
  • Depression: Depression is extremely common among people who have been in a building explosion. It often manifests as difficulty concentrating, extreme fatigue, insomnia, a lack of interest in activities they once enjoyed, irritability, loss of appetite or overeating, restlessness, digestive issues, and/or suicidal attempts or thoughts.
  • Anxiety: Patients who experience anxiety related to their accident might be worried or afraid all the time, experience panic attacks, go out of their way to avoid situations that could be triggering, and be unable to fall asleep or remain asleep.

Who Is Liable For My Building Explosion Injuries?

There are several people and entities that might be liable for your building explosion injuries. The most common liable parties are:

  • Construction company
  • Propane company
  • Gas company
  • Contractor or subcontractor
  • Parts manufacturer
  • Maintenance or repair company
  • Installation company
  • Property owner or property manager
  • Oil rig owner
  • State, county, or city

If you were injured at work, depending on where your building explosion occurred, you should be eligible to collect workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, these benefits are usually not enough to cover the medical expenses that are generated by these catastrophic injuries. In this case, you might be entitled to bring a lawsuit against a third party if their negligent actions caused or contributed to the building explosion and your injuries.

Recovery Options for Building Explosions

A building explosion is a serious event that could lead to severe injuries or even death. If you were injured or you lost a member of your family in a building explosion, it can be frustrating, confusing, and overwhelming to try and figure out who you should turn to and what you should do next.

Along with your hospital bills and other medical expenses, you are probably also trying to deal with the sudden loss of a paycheck, a lifelong disability, or disfigurement. A national building explosion attorney from the law firm of Burg Simpson can help you obtain full and fair financial compensation for your injuries and other losses.

Workers’ Compensation

If your building explosion-related injuries occurred at work, then workers’ compensation is probably going to be your first option for financial recovery. Workers’ comp pays up to 67% of your weekly wages as well as medical expenses stemming from the explosion. Workers’ comp usually starts paying benefits right away, and you are not required to prove negligence in order to collect.

Product Liability

Some building explosions are the result of a mechanical failure caused by defective equipment or appliances, such as a boiler with a faulty pressure release valve. In this scenario, you might be eligible to file a claim against the company that manufactured the defective or faulty piece of equipment.

If you are able to show that the product had a defect caused by a manufacturing or design flaw, you might be able to collect full financial compensation for your injuries and other damages. Bear in mind that a product liability case is very hard to pursue if you are not an experienced attorney, but a building explosion lawyer from Burg Simpson will know exactly what to do to ensure you are treated fairly.

Other Third Parties

Depending on the circumstances leading up to your building explosion accident, you might also have a valid claim against any contractors, subcontractors, or third parties who were responsible for the installation, maintenance, or repair of the appliance that caused or contributed to the building explosion. If you choose to pursue a claim against a third party, you will be required to show that they were negligent and that negligence was the cause of the building explosion.

What Should I Do After a Building Explosion?

In the days and weeks immediately following a building explosion, there are some actions that injured people should take to ensure their health and well-being, and to protect their right to recovery:

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

After being involved in a building explosion, the people who get injured are usually disoriented and in a great deal of pain. In some instances, they could have inhaled the fumes from toxic chemicals or sustained substantial bodily injuries. It is absolutely vital that building explosion victims receive prompt and adequate medical attention as soon as possible. Even if their injuries appear to be fairly minor, they still need to be thoroughly evaluated by a physician.

Document the Accident

It is a guaranteed certainty that the police are going to turn up when a building explosion happens. If the scene is cleared and you are physically able, you should start collecting evidence. This simply means you should use your phone to take pictures of the scene. If emergency personnel tell you to stay back, then stay back. Secondary explosions can sometimes occur. Never do anything that is unsafe, or that police, fire crews, or medics have asked you not to do.

What you can do, however, is write down the names and contact details of anyone who witnessed the building explosion. If anyone you speak to managed to get video or photos of the event, ask them if you can have a copy.

Keep All of Your Bills and Receipts

It is important for you to document any expenses you incurred due to a building explosion. For instance, you should keep copies of any medical bills you receive related to the explosion and your injuries. The same is true of any bills you receive for repairs to your property, such as your home, computer, or car. If the building explosion forced you to check into a hotel or pay for other alternative living arrangements, you need to document those expenses as well.

Talk to a National Building Explosion Injury Attorney

Most building explosions are caused by someone’s recklessness or negligence. If you were injured or lost a member of your family in a building explosion, the national personal injury attorneys at the law firm of Burg Simpson are here to help. Call our experienced building explosion lawyers by calling (888) 895-2080 to schedule your free and confidential case evaluation.
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